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News  entertainment  film  talk  
City: Lisbon
Rating:   4.36  (513)
Popularity:     14
Bit rate: 560 kbps

RTP1 was the 1st TV channel of the Portuguese public broadcasting corporation that is entitled Rádio e Televisão de Portugal. It was launched for the first time in 1957 and it was marketed to people as Canal 1, which translates to Channel 1, and up to this day, it is still commonly known with that name. It is one of the most if not the most watched TV network in the entire country of Portugal.

TV Algrave
News  Sports  Culture  Entertainment  
Rating:   4.47  (55)
Popularity:     5
Bit rate: 500 kbps

Web site:

TV Algarve is dedicated for the citizens who live in the area where the channel operates. This online TV project was launched in order to tell the world that this is the best that Algarve has to offer. TV Algarve is known for its generalist programming. It promises seriousness, pluralism of opinion, commitment and professionalism in the content that it produces to the world and the people of Algarve. Online TV has a broad future and TV Algarve is a part of it.

RTP Mobile

News  Sports  Talk  
City: Lisbon
Rating:   4.48  (63)
Popularity:     6
Bit rate: 560 kbps

Web site:

RTP Mobile is the mobile channel for RTP. It enables mobile users to enjoy watching RTP channel on their mobile devices. It has the same programming as RTP 1 which is the first public broadcasting corporation TV Channel that was launched back in 1957. With the emergence of Smartphones and the fact that many users in Portugal own Smartphones, RTP decided to launch this mobile channel so mobile users can enjoy RTP on the go.


News  Information  Talk  
City: Lisbon
Rating:   4.35  (111)
Popularity:     3
Bit rate: 560 kbps

Web site:

RTP N debuted as NTV. It was a Portuguese twenty-four hour news channel that is operated and owned by Rádio e Televisão de Portugal. It was launched in 2001. It was a joint venture between Lusomundo and PT Multimeda and Radiotelevisão Portuguesa. It was then acquired by RPT following the merger between Radiotelevisão Portuguesa and RTP in order to form the Rádio e Televisão de Portugal. In 2004, it changed its name and it has been entitled RTPN since then

Porto Canal

News  Talk  Entertainment
City: Porto
Rating:   3.89  (101)
Popularity:     3
Bit rate: 400 kbps

Web site:

Porto Canal which translates to Porto Channel in English is a Portuguese TV station for Northern Portugal and Greater Porto. It is based in Matosinhos and it was launched on the 29th of September in 2006. It is considered as the 3rd regional TV network to be launched in this region but there are only two networks on air, including Porto Canal and Região Norte TV. This is due to the transformation of NTV into RTPN, which is a news channel.

EuroNews PT

news  talk  information  
Rating:   3.33  (51)
Popularity:     4
Bit rate: 300 kbps

Web site:

EuroNews is a Multilingual European News TV channel that is headquartered in France, Lyon Ecully. It was founded in 1993 and it claims to cover the news from all over the world from a Pan-European point of view and perspective. The channel focuses on market data, sports news, art, culture and financial news from both, Europe and the entire world. EuroNews PT is the EuroNews channel that is dedicated to the Portuguese audience.

7-Enlance Portugal
Christian talk  
Rating:   4.23  (26)
Popularity:     7
Bit rate: 141 kbps

Web site:

Enlance Portugal is a Christian Ministry ran channel that has one main target and objective. This objective is the dissemination of Jesus’ gospel as it says in the bible in Mark 16 : 15. It started in the 1880s by Pastor Jonás Gonçalves. It started as a hard journey and it now has more than 5000 points of transmission that transmits the signal across Latin America.  It also has an online TV channel that enables people from Europe and around the world to follow the gospel of Jesus and his teachings through the internet.

Lusophonie Parisienne TV

France  Portuguese  community  
City: Paris
Rating:   4.1  (42)
Popularity:     3
Bit rate: 331 kbps

Web site:

Lusophonie Parisienne TV is a regional Television channel that airs from Paris in France. Lusophonie Parisienne TV will help the audience know more and discover the activities of Portuguese in the region of Paris. It mainly stream its live footage online which makes it available for a wider range of audience from all over the world and most importantly of all, it is free to watch.

Canal Parlamento

City: Lisbon
Rating:   4  (38)
Popularity:     4
Bit rate: 270 kbps

Web site:

Canal Parlamento is Spanish word that translates into The Channel of the Parliament. It is a Spanish Television channel. It broadcasts live on the internet for all the world to see and it is more dedicated to the people of Lisbon and Portugal. It broadcasts live coverage in real time from the Spanish Courts from Congreso de los Diputados in Spain’s Capital, Madrid.

Maná Sat Europa

Religion Christian Talk
Rating:   4.53  (32)
Popularity:     2
Bit rate: 322 kbps


Maná Sat Europa is a religious channel that is dedicated to help people follow the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since it is in Portuguese, it is mainly targeting Spanish and Portuguese Christians. It is an online TV channel that can be viewed over the internet where it airs live in real-time.


City: Lisbon
Rating:   4.03  (102)
Popularity:     4
Bit rate: 560 kbps


RTP 2 is the 2nd TV channel of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal after RTP 1. It is always referred to as the Second Channel or Dois, which is the Portuguese word for 2. This state run TV channel started its broadcasting on the 25th of December.  Now, RTP 2 is a public service TV channel that is free of advertisements. It is basically an alternative to main stream channels such as RTP 1 and RTP.